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Welcome, this site is designed mainly for YOU, the
people who look at these sites to help in the final decision
of who wins the award!

Score is based on page content and overall design.
There are no incorrect votes. Rate the pages according
to your personal tastes. Remember, Site of the Month
should represent the best of the sites on the Web.
If you feel a site which has been submitted does not
meet these criteria you are free to abstain from voting for it.

* Abstain: Little redeeming value
* Five: Best overall

NOTE: I will not accept your vote without your
name and e-mail.

Submissions for October 25th, 1998
Sample Award Graphics
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Be sure to read the guidelines first!!


                Fire and Ice

                Bill's Place

                Mar's Nature Backgrounds & Things

                ProCreativity Web Design

                A Little Speck of Country

                Robin's Place


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